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The Coronavirus – All Updates

  • March 23, 2020
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Over the years we’ve been in the extremely proud position to have all of you as customers, guests and friends. Together we have supported our beautiful islands of the Dodecanese and have created some memorable holidays.

With you, we share the same passion and love for our beautiful islands.

Having successfully faced challenges in the past, today we’re facing a global pandemic with restrictions on travel and our daily lives.

Together we will go through this, as always offering you the great personal Nissia Holidays service you’ve come to know and support over the years.

Here at Nissia we are treating each one of your concerns on a personal, case-by-case basis and we’re sure we will always find a way to solve any issues that arise.

Following the events as they unfold, we take into consideration all the latest travel advice and all expert scientific advice in order to take all the necessary decisions for a safe travel and future holidays. We will contact our guests that are affected by the measures that are taken by the authorities in Greece and in the UK.

Currently, all short term rentals, villas and seasonal hotels in Greece will remain shut until 30/4/20.

We will keep you updated until the start of our summer season. Until then, stay safe, healthy and carefully follow all advice to protect yourself and everyone else around you.

Flexible Cancellation Policy

New Flexible Terms and Conditions due to Covid-19 Outbreak

If your visit is cancelled, we will refund your holiday balance if required.

Applicable to all pre-booked and new reservations with check-in date until May 31st, 2020.

We are offering free cancellation up to seven (7) days before arrival, as well as free rescheduling options where needed. A full refund of any balance payment will be applied, free of any cancellation costs, in situations where you request it.

Greece Tourism Season Restarts

Greece’s tourist season officially opened on 15th June 2020. Direct international flights to tourist destinations are expected to resume gradually from 1st July 2020.

Greece is now open from 15/7 for direct flights from the UK.

  • Prior to your arrival you are required to fill in the PFL form found here https://travel.gov.gr/#/
  • You may also download the Nissia Covid-19 measures form here to fill in and have it with you upon arrival.

How is Nissia dealing with the Pandemic – Covid-19?

Covid-19 is usually transmitted via coughing, sneezing from people around us, from often touched surfaces and various objects that we may give one another.

Symptoms include fever, coughing, difficulty in breathing. If you have any of the above symptoms you are required to stay at your villa and advise one of the Nissia team members, remotely. Please do not visit the Nissia Office or anywhere else to report these while in resort.

Call us on +30 6944055949 or +30 6948361704 or send an e-mail to office@nissiaholidays.com

Based on the Greek government’s social distancing measures please make sure you practice the following:

  • Try and keep a distance from others, 1-2 meters apart
  • No handshakes and hugging/kissing other people
  • Do not exchange/swap goods
  • Avoid touching your face when without clean hands
  • Wash your hands often and thoroughly with water and soap
  • You can always use the disinfectant in your villa, throughout the day, before you leave the villa or upon return
  • You should aim to stay in open spaces and make sure that you open your villa windows on a daily basis to bring fresh air into your villa.
  • Please do not visit other villas, this is strictly prohibited.

For this year only and due to the circumstances, we aim to limit contact between staff and guests.

Please make use of all means of electronic communication, to our emergency numbers +30 6944055949 or +30 6948361704 or send an e-mail to office@nissiaholidays.com

In order to limit contact via objects and the room equipment for the cleaner and guests, mid week cleaning will not be offered as usual.

On the day of the mid week cleaning your cleaner will deliver your new clean towels, please leave your used towels outside of your villa in the plastic bags you will find in your villa. Please contact us if you require anything related to cleaning.

Villa cleaning.

Your villa has been carefully cleaned and all surfaces have been disinfected with,
– A solution of chlorine 0.1% and

-certified disinfectant (70% ethanol)

In addition to the above the room surfaces and all lined have also been steamed cleaned.

We always clean and disinfect your villa keys.

Last Update 7/7/20


  1. Sue and Graham Tipper says:

    Dear Nissia team
    Thank you for the very fair arrangements and changes that you have put in place, what an example to other holiday companies.
    I dream of Tilos and Number 5 Olympos and hope and pray that we might be there by September and perhaps twice next year!
    Best wishes to you all.

  2. Trish Galloway says:

    Hi daffy,

    Firstly I hope you all are doing ok.

    Secondly, I’m waiting until the last possible moment before I make my decision.

    It’s a very kind offer that you at Nissia have made and I’ll decide what to do when and if.

    Rest assured, I’ll support your company however I can



    As Klopp said, football is the most important, least important issus. But, we are two games away!! Wails.

  3. David Phillips MBE says:


    First I do hope you are both well.

    Thanks so much for your update and the clear way you’ve outlined Nissia’s current policy in relation to the Coronavirus outbreak. At this stage it’s impossible to tell whether we shall be able to travel to Halki at the beginning of July to enjoy our two weeks at Perla. As you know the UK is currently in lock-down mode and the next six weeks or so will it seems be crucial. So whether our EasyJet flight will still be in service and what further actions the Greek and UK governments will take are unknowns at this stage. As I am in the over-70 age group I shall obviously have to err on the side of caution. But above all we would certainly like to retain our slot for next year and if necessary and agreeable to you to transfer the deposit we’ve already paid to 2021. But that’s for the future. Let’s see what transpires.

    In the meantime stay safe and kindest regards from Lin and my self.



  4. Isabel Wright says:

    Dear Daffy/Meni,
    We trust that you are keeping safe during these worrying times. Hopefully this will be all over sooner rather than later and we can resume our normal lives, and get to visit your lovely Islands again.
    Your cancellation policy is very fair, and reflects the care that your company take for your customers. Thank you.
    We are booked to visit Halki and Tilos in July, but obviously there is still much uncertainty about where we will be by then. In the event that we are no longer able to travel, we would like to book the same property for exactly the same time and dates in 2021. We have already paid our deposits, in the event of not coming this year we are more than happy to pay the final balance as though we were, to help out with your cashflow. Is it possible for you to pencil in that request for now, and we will be in touch again when things become clearer?
    Stay safe everyone.
    Isabel & Wayne Wright

  5. Keith Holmes says:

    We have every sympathy with you and all your friends and villa owners in Halki in the present situation. We are still hoping that we might manage to get there this year (17th June) but, as yet, are not confident that we will be able to do so. If this is not to be our one hope is that you and your colleagues are able to get through this difficult season and that we can rebook to return to beautiful Halki and stay in the same property in June 2021.

    Over the years we have been travelling with Nissia you have always shown the highest level of concern for both clients and the islanders you help so much. We sincerely hope you can continue to do this for a very long time.

    In the meantime, though it may be a vain hope, we are still keeping our fingers tightly crossed in relation to June 17th this year!

    Cath & Keith Holmes.

  6. Glennys Evans and Fiona Edmonds says:

    I have managed to servive the 2 weeks at home when we should be on our beloved Tilos with our dear friends .Have transferred booking to same time next year Love to Daffy,Meni and Ian and Lynne xx

  7. David Phillips MBE says:

    Daffy/Meni and Team
    Early tomorrow we were due to fly to Rhodes and then onward to Halki for our usual two weeks in Perla. But our flights have been cancelled and we cannot travel; we are so disappointed not to get our annual Aegean fix! However, Lin and I are most grateful to you all at Nissia for allowing us to transfer our deposit to 2021 when we very much hope things will be back to normal. In the meantime we hope you manage to salvage something from the season as and when the air bridges are confirmed. Stay safe and well.

    Our very best wishes David and Lin

  8. Jill and Pete Young says:

    Dear Meni /Daffy,
    It is a few years since we have travelled with you to the beautiful Aegean (having gone a little further afield for once in our lives….Australia Meni!), but we had been hoping to visit again this year, but of course that is on hold currently and we are waiting to see how things go in terms of travel over the next few months before we commit to anything. Despite not seeing you for some time we have been wondering and hoping you are all keeping well and that you will survive this storm. I am sure you will as you have always provided such a wonderful personal service to all your customers and I know they will stand by you, especially if like us they can’t wait to get back to Greece. Although we know of Daffy we have never met, but we send our best wishes to you all, including Meni and Ian ( Tilos) , who hopefully will remember us, and we look forward to seeing you again soon.
    Jill and Pete Young ( Chesterfield)

  9. Colin Marr says:

    Dear Daffy, Meni and the Nissia team,

    We were looking forward to our usual break in lovely Halki on 15 July, but our flights have been cancelled and for this year it will remain a dream. We know it must be a difficult time for you all and can only hope that the rest of this season will work out better than the start. We are grateful for your offer of a refund, but we would prefer to reschedule to our same dates in 2021, when hopefully everything will be back to normal and we will again be able to enjoy the peace and tranquillity of our special island.

    All good wishes,

    Colin and Lesley

  10. Nye Williams says:

    We are very sad not to be coming to Halki as planned in August. It would be good to see some up to date information on the web site. It might encourage us to think about coming out later in the Summer instead of waiting until next year.

  11. Rod Crook MBE says:

    After a huge amount of very careful thought, we + grandchildren decided to return to Halki yesterday. Our journey was uneventful- a quiet Gatwick, EasyJet had risen to the challenge of ensuring passenger safety, Rhodes airport was ok, very careful checking of QR codes and we avoided the random tests. Travelling on the Nissos Halki was very pleasant and enlivened by the antics of a pod of dolphins. Steve met us at the harbour, gave us a temperature test – luckily we were all ok – and explained the new Nissia protocols for our safety. Evening at the harbour was fine, quite busy bars and tavernas. Well done the Nissia team for giving us the confidence to come.

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