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Multi-Centre Holidays in the Greek Islands

In a recent blog post, we gave you some advice on how to decide which Greek island to visit, for those of you having trouble deciding between our small, authentic Greek islands of Halki, Tilos and Nisyros.

But what if you’re still having trouble deciding? Perhaps you’re drawn to two of our islands and can’t make up your mind, or you’re stuck in discussions with your family or significant other, as you all fancy something different. Maybe you’ve been coming to Halki or Tilos for years and want to try something else… but also don’t want to miss out on your favourite island.

Luckily, when it comes to holidays, one size doesn’t have to fit all. If you can’t decide, don’t! We can arrange multi-centre holidays in the Greek islands, so you get to explore twice the amount of beaches, restaurants, landscapes and attractions – and keep everybody in your travelling party happy!

Island-Hopping in the Dodecanese

Centred on Rhodes, there’s a convenient network of ferries running between all our South Dodecanese islands. While it can be a bit overwhelming trying to figure out the timetables on your own, luckily we’re pros at this. We’ll help with all the practical information, including mapping your route and organising the transfers and accommodation. All you have to do is decide which of our islands to combine. Here’s some inspiration to help you choose.

Tilos & Halki

tilos livadia
Livadia – Tilos

These two tranquil islands have been the mainstay of Nissia Holidays for years, and both have their ardent admirers who return year after year. They also offer the perfect complement for those seeking a multi-centre holiday in the Dodecanese.

Tilos is a green island, blessed with natural springs and abundant wildlife, and its beauty has a wild, untamed quality. Halki has a stark, barren beauty, while its main town, Emborio, is one of the most photogenic places in Greece with grand Italianate houses lining the harbour.

A multi-centre holiday to Halki and Tilos allows you to combine walking, birdwatching and fascinating natural history, with one of the most chilled-out places in Greece.

Halki & Nisyros

Halki harbour

A multi-centre holiday to Halki and Nisyros gives you the opportunity to explore two islands with different, yet complementary energies. Peaceful, unspoilt Halki is like stepping back in time. You can while away hours on tranquil beaches, wandering through bougainvillea-strewn alleyways, or people-watching in the harbour. And its architectural beauty draws artists and photographers.

The magnetic energy of the volcano fizzes through Nisyros, attracting artists and musicians. The island can be busier during the day, thanks to daytrippers that visit to walk in a volcanic crater. But a stay on the island gives you the opportunity to explore black-sand beaches, recline in natural hot springs, walk through lunar-esque landscapes, stay in hilltop villages that clings to the rim of the caldera, and feel its otherworldly majesty.

Nisyros & Tilos

Nisyros – Mandraki

If you’re a keen walker, a multi-centre holiday to Nisyros and Tilos is a match made in heaven. Both islands offer numerous walking routes, but the landscapes are very different. In Tilos, expect to see meadows carpeted in wildflowers and skies blessed with rare and migratory birds. Whereas Nisyros has numerous paths than take you through the crater of an active volcano and others that skirt the rim of the caldera, offering magnificent views over a landscape reminiscent of the moon.

History buffs will find differing but equally interesting museums and sites to explore. On Nisyros, marvel at the black-stone walls of the ancient acropolis and learn about the volcano in the volcanological museum, and visit Tilos to see the bones of dwarf elephants that lived here over 4,000 years ago.


South Rhodes – Agrios Lakkos beach

Our clients are naturally drawn to Halki, Tilos and Nisyros because of their tranquillity and charm. But the bright lights of the bigger island can also be a draw. Rhodes has a fascinating history, with the medieval old town of Rhodes and the acropolis of Lindos two of its biggest attractions.

And then there are the beaches… Halki, Tilos and Nisyros boast beaches with charm and character. But if you’re dreaming of long, white-sand beaches, you may feel a pull towards Rhodes. As Rhodes residents, we can find you a quiet corner of this popular island to appreciate the beaches and history, and offer a complementary experience to the smaller islands.

Multi-Centre Holidays in the Greek Islands with Nissia Holidays

If you’re having difficulty deciding which of our wonderful islands to visit, try a different solution: book a multi-centre holiday in the Greek islands. We’ll listen to your requirements and customise a holiday to suit you, hopping between any (or all) of our magical Greek islands – Halki, Tilos and Nisyros – and even adding in some time in Rhodes if you wish.

If you’d like to discuss multi-centre holidays in the Greek islands, contact the friendly team at Nissia Holidays on 01455 289421 or email us: info@nissiaholidays.com. We’re ready to help you plan your dream holiday.

If you’ve already decided, pop over to our accommodation page for some inspiration on where to stay. We can’t wait to welcome you to our Dodecanese gems.


Jo worked on Tilos in 2006, as the last Island Manager for Laskarina. She now runs a travel writing business and travel blog, The Wandering Wordsmith, and spends much of her year travelling. But Greece, especially Tilos, will always hold a special place in her heart.

  1. Lesley Weames says:

    We are looking for accommodation only in Nisyros, Tilos and Chalki. We arrive in either Nisyros or Tilos on Friday 8th September and fly out of Rhodes Thursday 21st September. 2 separate hotel bedrooms preferred or apartment/house with 2 separate bedrooms.
    Thank you

    1. Dear Lesley,

      Our reservations team have already created an itinerary for you, we hope to welcome you soon.

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