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The Dodecanese Islands

Here at Nissia, we specialise in the unspoilt Greek islands of Halki, Tilos, Nisyros and more hidden gems in the Dodecanese. Our idyllic islands offer a pace of life that defies the 21st century. From our exclusive waterfront villas in Halki to our prime Tilos apartsuites commanding a sweeping view over Livadia Bay, or the cliff top villas overlooking deep blue Aegean sea along with the wild, untamed beauty and captivating volcanic energy of Nisyros, our accommodation options include the best these islands have to offer.


The island of Halki (Chalki) is one of the smallest islands in the Southern Aegean, lying west of Rhodes in the Dodecanese Islands.

At only 28 sq. km. it is easily possible to take in all of the island’s beauty in one holiday, and it’s 34 km of coastline and numerous hidden caves provide the ideal backdrop for lazy boat trips in its calm coastal waters.

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Wild natural beauty, rugged mountains, verdant valleys, charming villages, pristine beaches, and an abundance of rare plants and birds.

Tilos is a haven for nature lovers, ramblers, and those seeking a glimpse of traditional Greek island life.

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An eerie, lunar-esque landscape, simmering volcano, geothermal hot springs, and volcanic black beaches; the tiny island of Nisyros has a wild, untamed beauty and captivating volcanic energy.

Many guests visit to experience the volcano, but stay a little longer and you’ll fall under the spell of this enchanting island.

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Why book with us
The Nissia Experience
Exclusive Waterfront Location
Many of our properties are based along the waterfront, giving you prime access to slip into the crystal-clear, aquamarine Aegean waters to cool off. Alternatively, pull up a chair and listen to the gentle hush of waves lapping the shore.
UK-Based Company with a Greek Heart
Nissia Holidays is based in the UK, however our heart is 100% Greek. Our Rhodes-based owner-operators have worked in the Dodecanese tourism industry for over thirty years. We’re fiercely proud of our beautiful islands – and it shows!
Friendly Personal Service
We strive to give our clients a welcome as warm as the Greek sunshine. From the moment of booking until your arrival home, we do our best to anticipate and take care of your every need with our exceptional personal service.
Special Welcome Pack
After a long journey, there’s little better than a nice cuppa. That’s why we put a special welcome pack into each accommodation with some essentials, so you can unpack and get settled without needing to dash to the shops.
24/7 Emergency Support
Illness or personal misfortune can strike at any time, and it could ruin your holiday. That’s why we provide 24/7 emergency support to all of our clients on all our islands. For your complete peace of mind.
Island Office & Library
Run out of reading material? Have a pressing question? Or maybe you’d just like a nice chinwag. Whatever the reason, Nissia has an island office and library on each of our islands, filled with local information, books and a big smile.