Halki Festivals and Cultural Events

  • June 22, 2022
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Famous for their parties since the dawn of Western Civilisation, Greeks love celebrations! After all, this is a country where everybody celebrates two birthdays per year – one on the day of their birth and the other on their name day, the official day of the saint they’re named after.

In addition, the Greek calendar is chock-full of festivals and celebrations, from key dates on the Greek Orthodox calendar, to days of national importance, and island and region-specific events, as noted on our post about Tilos festivals.

Whether you want to plan your trip to Halki to coincide with a celebration or are curious about an event you’ve witnessed, here’s an overview of some of the best Halki festivals and cultural events.

Is a Day Trip to Nisyros Sufficient to See the Island?

  • June 14, 2022
  • Nisyros
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The volcanic island of Nisyros is well known, thanks to the smouldering volcano at its heart. Because of this, many visitors jump on a day trip to the island, swoop into the volcanic crater, wander round and take some pictures, then head back to their larger island base (usually Kos).

One question we’ve seen frequently mooted in travel forums, etc. is whether it’s worth staying or if a day trip to Nisyros is sufficient to experience the island.

As you can imagine, we have a pretty strong opinion on this!

Yes, if you’re staying on a nearby island and don’t have much time, then pop over to Nisyros for the day, because the volcano is such a unique experience. But this authentic Greek island has so much more to offer – and when the daytrippers have left, you can really feel the island’s magic.

Here are our reasons why a day trip to Nisyros is never enough.

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Ten of the Best Greek Islands for Walking

There’s more to holidays in Greece than soaking up the sunshine and eating all that delicious food! With such a wide variety of landscapes – from coastal paths to forested mountain views, ancient sites to traditional villages, all criss-crossed with ancient mule trails – Greece offers incredible walking opportunities.  

If you fancy lacing up your hiking boots and exploring on foot, here’s our guide to ten of the best Greek islands for walking.

Guide to the Best Beaches in Halki

  • March 15, 2022
  • Halki
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Renowned for its laid-back nature and picture-perfect harbour, Halki is an island people escape to for peace and tranquillity. But is it a good island for a beach holiday?

Halki is a dream destination for those seeking a slice of authentic Greek island life. You can while away hours ambling through the flower-lined streets of Emborio, watching fishermen bring in their catch or people-watching from a harbourside café.

And while it doesn’t offer long, stretches of white sandy beaches like some Greek islands, the beaches here are picturesque and, best of all, tranquil and relaxing. Here’s our guide to the best beaches in Halki.

How to Choose Which Greek Island to Visit

With over 6,000 islands and islets, 227 of which are inhabited, choosing which Greek island to visit can be somewhat daunting. Obviously it’s subjective, based upon your personal preferences and what you’re seeking from your holidays.

If you’ve found your way to the Nissia Holidays website, we assume you’re looking for an authentic Greek island offering peace and tranquillity. Each of our three islands – Halki, Tilos and Nisyros – has that in abundance. But each has its unique attractions, too.

To help you decide which Greek island to visit, here’s an overview of Halki, Tilos and Nisyros.

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Discover the Real Greece: Seven of the Most Authentic Greek Islands

Tourism is booming in Greece, with holidaymakers drawn here to admire the dazzling colours, relax on sun-kissed beaches, explore archaeological sites and savour traditional cuisine. But many people don’t venture beyond cosmopolitan islands, like Santorini, Mykonos and Rhodes.

If you want to know the real Greece then it pays to get off the beaten track and seek out the lesser-known gems. Here are seven of the most authentic Greek islands.

Guide to the Best Beaches in Nisyros

Nisyros has a unique, magical energy. People are drawn here to explore the dozing volcano, wander lunar landscapes, and bathe in hot springs.

The island is less well known for its beaches. You won’t find any glamorous beaches here, but the coastline has a wild, untamed quality. Much like the more famous volcanic island of Santorini, the beaches are mostly coarse black or red sand, with black pebbles.

But they have a dramatic quality, especially with the crystal-clear Aegean waters lapping their shores. And unlike Santorini, the beaches of Nisyros are tranquil and relaxing.

Here’s our guide to the best beaches in Nisyros.

Discover the Most Tranquil and Non-Touristy Islands in Greece

The Greek islands are one of the most popular tourist destinations – although that popularity can come at a price. If you adore Greece, but don’t wish to spend your holidays jostling for a sunbed on the beach or queuing for the optimum sunset shot, it’s time to get off the beaten track and turn your attention to more sustainable destinations.

Luckily, with almost 6,000 islands, there are plenty of opportunities to find a quiet, unspoiled spot, untouched by mass tourism. If you’re keen to find out more about the best non-touristy islands in Greece, we’ve put together this guide to the most tranquil islands in our little corner of Greece, the Dodecanese.

If you want to enjoy near-deserted beaches, friendly neighbourhood tavernas, incredible nature, picturesque towns, stunning hiking trails, and abundant charm and character, head to one of these lesser-known lovelies – and hit the reset button!

A Guide to the Medieval Castle of Halki

Perched on a rocky outcrop above the abandoned town of Chorio, with mesmerising views over the island and out to sea, the Castle of the Knights is one of the most important – and most fascinating – sites on Halki. Following our recent article on the history of Halki, we thought it would be fun to focus on the castle and demonstrate why it’s worth the climb.

Here’s our guide to the medieval castle of Halki.

How to Travel More Sustainably in 2022

After two years of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s only natural that we’re looking forward to 2022 with cautious optimism, eager for our annual escape to the sun.

Pre-pandemic, the importance of sustainable travel was becoming ever more obvious, with many destinations suffering the effects of overtourism (though luckily not our peaceful, unspoilt Dodecanese islands). The recent UN Climate Change Conference, known as COP26, further heightened our awareness of the benefits of travelling sustainably.

While many people are aware of the looming climate crisis, it’s easy to feel a sense of helplessness, a feeling of ‘well, what difference can I make?’

Luckily there are plenty of small adjustments we can all make that collectively make a big difference. Here are our tips for how to travel more sustainably in 2022.