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10 years of Nissia Holidays

This upcoming seasonĀ marks our 10th year in providing you with the most unspoilt Greek island holidays to Halki and Tilos. We pride ourselves in providing the highest level of personal service and your feedback is so welcoming and encouraging. This is all because of you, thank you.

Remembering how we got here, we have created a short timeline/infographic for you, with a short story and background from the Laskarina days up until this 2016 season. We hope you enjoy it and that together we can continue on this great journey.

There will be a few surprises for all of our guests this year, so be prepared!

Lastly, feel free to share your stories and personal experiences in the comments below.

Nissia Timeline (1)


Daffy Psaras

Triantafyllos "Daffy" Psaras is the Operations and Reservations manager for Nissia Holidays. Always happy to help the guests have an amazing and relaxing holiday in Halki and Tilos and the unspoilt Greek islands!


  • Pauline and Paul Martin 2 years ago

    We first visited Halki in 1993, full of anticipation and little realising that it could be rough in the Aegean sea, it didn’t mention it in the brochure. We boarded the tiny Halki ferry which that afternoon took two and a half hours to cross in huge seas. The rep. at the time was a lady called Sheila who ran around the boat looking out for everyone. Since then we have been looked after by Ann and Roger, Steve and Sandra, Nancy and John, Penny and Bob, Rayanna and Bob and finally Lynne and Bob. Then of course Lynne and Meni took over as Nissia Holidays, and now the new team of Meni, Triatafillos and Ann. This year it will be our fortieth visit to the lovely Island to meet up once more with all of the friends we have made over the last twenty three years. We wish every success to the hard working Nissia team and look forward to meeting you again at our next visit to Halki.
    Pauline and Paul Martin

    • Joyce Dunne 2 years ago

      Hi Paul and Pauline,

      Just found your posting. Glad to hear you are still enjoying Halki. We’ve not been back since 2007 but still miss this beautiful island. Maybe one day we will get around to revisiting.

      We still remember our very first visit to Halki in 1999, when we were greeted on the terrace of Hiona by this lovely couple who offered us a welcome drink. We, being very British! expected tea or coffee, but no we shared a bottle of wine. Many thanks for that memory, being our first of Halki. We have many more memories from our (meagre compared with yours) 8 visits.

      Hopefully, you are both keeping well.

      Joyce and Colin Dunne


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