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10 Best Things to Do in Tilos, South Aegean

  • November 10, 2021
  • Tilos
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The island of Tilos in the South Aegean offers an idyllic alternative to the busier islands of Rhodes and Kos. Boasting tranquil beaches, mesmerising history, charming villages, and astounding birdlife and landscapes, Tilos is a holiday destination for those seeking an escape from the norm. Come to Tilos to feel rejuvenated and refreshed — we promise tranquillity and natural beauty abounds here.

If you’re keen to book your escape, check out our Tilos accommodation. And then add our favourite things to do in Tilos to your itinerary. That is, unless you intend to do absolutely nothing except relax!

1. Relax at the Beach

Tilos is an island, after all! Enjoy the variety of tranquil beaches here and bask in serene nature. Here are some of our favourite beaches on Tilos.

Livadia Beach

The most popular beach on Tilos, Livadia is a white, pebbled stretch with calm waters. Beyond the natural beauty, you can stroll the promenade for dining and drinking options whenever you need a break from the sun.

Plaka Beach

Rarely crowded, Plaka Beach is for visitors seeking to get away from it all, whilst soaking up the Mediterranean sun. Located in the western part of Tilos, it’s tucked away from everything.

Lethra Beach

A beautiful beach on Tilos that’s not to be missed, Lethra feels a world apart. Charming and tranquil, seek out some sunny solitude here during your visit.

Agios Andonis (or Agios Antonios)

With a small fishing harbour and pebbled shoreline, this is another quiet option with few tourist facilities around to attract crowds. 

Eristos Beach

Eristos Beach is another favourite. With golden sand, trees providing shade and convenient access from Livadia, you can see why it attracts visitors from all over. 

2. Experience Fascinating History at Megalo Horio

Historical monuments and tumbledown ruins abound across Greece, and Tilos certainly has her fair share. Megalo Horio is our island’s capital, small though it may seem to visitors from big cities abroad. 

With whitewashed houses, narrow alleyways, and colourful flowers in window boxes, you’d be excused for thinking this capital is merely a quaint village. But the history here is something else. 

Situated on the slopes of Agios Stefanos, Megalo Horio rests below the ancient settlements of the medieval castle. Within the city, you’ll find everything from pretty churches to museums housing historical artefacts. 

Learn more about the history of Tilos in our complete guide.

3. Meander Abandoned Mikro Horio

Mikro Horio is an abandoned village you can explore whilst visiting Tilos. Located between Livadia and Megalo Horio, the atmosphere here is incredible. In fact, there is one bar here that opens during the summer; there’s something extra special about enjoying a drink amidst an otherwise abandoned village. It’s quite the experience!

4. Admire the Monastery of Agios Panteleimonas

Considered to be the most important church on Tilos, Agios Panteleimonas is located in Megalo Horio at the end of the road up the mountain. The ancient site features a small church, pretty courtyards, and some marvellous Byzantine frescoes. This is well worth a visit during your trip to Tilos.

5. Explore Lesser-Taken Paths

Tilos is a nature-lover’s paradise, with ample trails and walks to enjoy across the island. With well-marked paths, you can wander and explore to your heart’s content. The best way to appreciate the tranquillity of Tilos is to explore it by foot, so lace up your boots and hit the trails. 

We’re happy to provide you with maps and advice upon arrival, if you’re staying in any of our Tilos Accommodation.

Check out our guide to walking in Tilos if you’re keen to explore more!

6. Marvel at the Diverse Bird Life on Tilos

The island is renowned for its migratory birds, so birdwatching must make your list of things to do in Tilos! Even for the uninitiated, birdwatching in Tilos can be enjoyable. With around 100 species regularly seen, you might even catch sight of an Eleonora’s falcon or Bonelli’s eagle. 

7. Fancy Yourself a Knight at the Ruined Castle of Tilos

The medieval castle above Megalo Horio was built by the Knights of St John in the 14th century. It’s quite the climb to reach, but well worth the effort. The views are fantastic and you can appreciate the protective fortress feel to this location. 

8. Take It All in at Taxiarchis Monastery

Another popular thing to do in Tilos, Taxiarchis (also known as the church of the Archangel Michael) is a classical Orthodox-style church worthy of your time. Built in 1425 within Megalo Horio, the church boasts a variety of interesting architectural features. From the impressive interior to the pebbled courtyard and carved wooden iconostasis, there is much to appreciate in this historic building.

9. Discover Harkadio Cave

Harkadio Cave is where Neolithic artefacts were discovered in 1971. From pottery to hunting tools to fossilised bones, this is a site of great significance for all history-lovers! The fossilised remains include those of dwarf elephants, which inhabited the island of Tilos for some 40,000 years and were the only elephants in Europe! A new museum has recently opened next to the site. 

10. Feel Like a Local at Our Tilos Festivals!

If you’re visiting Tilos, there are various celebrations to enjoy throughout the year. We’ve written about the festivals in Tilos so you can plan your trip accordingly. Or, as always, simply reach out and we’d love to help you choose the best time of year to visit Tilos based on your interests and travel style.

We can’t wait to welcome you to our very own slice of paradise!

Triantafyllos Daffy Psaras

Triantafyllos, or Daffy as most guests like to call him, comes from a strong hospitality background. Working alongside Meni from a young age and helping with operations for Laskarina Holidays, he is service minded and always happy to help the guests have an amazing and relaxing holiday in our unspoilt islands.

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